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Te Puna

Te Puna is a rural green belt, offering residents the advantage of country living close to the coast and just 10 minutes travel from Tauranga city. Horticulture and lifestyle blocks cover this lowland coastal strip. Te Puna residents enjoy living in this tranquil spot with a range of beach and water activities and local sports facilities.

Nearby Te Puna Quarry Park is being developed by a dedicated band of volunteers from a disused quarry into a world-class park with ponds, tree ferns cymbidium orchids by the thousand, native tree plantings, exotics such as vireya rhododendrons and a natural amphitheatre.

Doing business in Te Puna

Te Puna’s horticulture-focused innovation cluster is a drawcard for the area. The nine tenant businesses are all multiple export award winners, who in total generate over $100 million export revenue each year and employ 45 people. There is a waiting list of innovative businesses keen to co-locate on the site.

Te Puna is within easy reach of the Port, only 11km away on State Highway 2. There is room for commercial development with 22 ha of land available. The area is a mix of light industrial and residential plots. Local businesses centre around horticulture, specialised manufacturing, food and ingredients production.