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Starting a business can often be both exciting and a bit daunting. There are many decisions to make and lots to learn about running your own business. Tauranga is a great place to build a business. The ultimate bottom line – profit, people, place and potential – means you can be confident you’ll succeed.

No matter what line of business you’re in there’s a place for you in Tauranga and the surrounding area. Tauranga CBD is the heart of the region with a mix of businesses and professional service providers, shopping precincts and numerous cafes, restaurants, and galleries.

Each town has its own unique character from the horticultural hotspot of Te Puke to the industrial hub of Tauriko. And wherever you are in Tauranga, the area’s world-class infrastructure means you’re never far from local and international export markets by road, rail, air and sea.

There are a number of affordable property options when choosing a location for your business. Over 500 ha of commercial land is available for development or if you’re looking for an existing building, Tauranga offers small offices, retail space or industrial facilities.

When it comes to staffing your business, Tauranga has a talented workforce that keeps growing. Many employees with specialised skills choose to live in the area and there is a strong seasonal labour force that you can draw on when needed. For a newly established business, the competitive salaries and wages in Tauranga can help to reduce expenses and lift your profit.

Priority One, the economic development organisation covering Tauranga and the Western Bay of Plenty, is focused on helping innovative businesses to succeed. Priority One will link you with the local business community and the sub-region’s business-friendly councils to help get your business off the ground.  Many business owners have found that surrounding themselves with other successful businesses has uncovered unexpected opportunities that have boosted their operations.

Get in touch with Priority One today to find out about starting a business in Tauranga. 

Useful Websites:

  • Priority One – building a vibrant economy that retains and attracts talented, skilled and creative people and the businesses that need them to Tauranga and the Western Bay of Plenty

  • Tauranga Chamber of Commerce – working to grow local businesses

Case Studies:

Heilala Vanilla
The process of establishing Heilala Vanilla in Tauranga was made easy by connection with other food based businesses. Jennifer Boggiss explains they wouldn’t have achieved the business success that they have had, in the timeframe, if they were based anywhere else.
Chaos & Harmony
Rebecca Anderson values the creative networks in Tauranga and the ability to surround herself with talented individuals. Rebecca talks about establishing and running a successful international business from Tauranga and the balance she is able to achieve.
Farmer Autovillage
Peter unashamedly calls Tauranga a ‘slice of paradise’ and shares why there is no better place in the Pacific that he would live. Peter Farmer talks passionately about attracting new businesses to Tauranga.
Stainless DownUnder
Andrew Lilly attributes much of his business success to the ability to physically grow his business into neighbouring commercial property and the availability of commercial land at affordable prices.
PowerSmart Solar
Mike Bassett-Smith explains how Tauranga ticked all the boxes. It provided them with a cost effective business solution and the opportunity to combine business and lifestyle in an environment that they are all passionate about.
Multifid Technology
In this video James talks about how his search for a business destination led him to Tauranga and why this location is perfect for his business, now and in the future.
Titanium Industry Development Association Inc (TiDA)
Warwick Downing discusses how TiDA facilitates innovative industries to harness their full potential through high-tech, specialised manufacturing processes and puts Tauranga at the centre of an active industry hub.
Bay Business Services
Heidi Seal talks about the value of operating her business, Bay Business Services, from the Ignition co-working office in Tauranga's city centre.