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Relocate Your Business From Australia to NZ

For Australian businesses looking to relocate, there are many advantages to setting up in New Zealand. Tauranga, located on the east coast in the centre of the North Island, just over two hours drive from Auckland, is a great spot to base your business without the costs of living and working in a large city.

Tauranga is home to many innovative, high-value, export-focused businesses and a strong, supportive business community.  It’s central location makes for an easy drive to Auckland and Hamilton and only a short flight to Wellington, Christchurch and other cities around New Zealand. Plus, Tauranga is home to New Zealand’s largest port by volume so it’s easy to reach Australia and Asia directly plus markets further afield.  60% of local businesses are within a 10km radius of the port and the average travel time across Tauranga to the port is only 15 minutes. As an added bonus, Tauranga’s roads are around 60% less congested than Auckland’s.

Tauranga’s easy market access and excellent infrastructure are only a couple of reasons to do business here. Tauranga’s ultimate bottom line – profit, people, place and potential – uncovers more of these reasons from attractive labour and training options, to affordable property, excellent business networks, strong regional growth supported by R&D, development and investment and the benefits of an active lifestyle in a beautiful, sunny coastal area.

New Zealand is ranked third of 185 countries for ease of doing business and number one for ease of setting up a business, according to the World Bank Doing Business 2013: Smarter Regulations for Small and Medium-Size Enterprises report.

New Zealand offers a talented workforce of skilled professionals, as well as seasonal labourers to suit your staffing demands. At the same time, salaries and wages are competitive which helps to keep labour costs down and employment laws are straightforward, so you can focus on growing your business. Manufacturing and production costs are also economical further adding to your bottom line.

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Useful Websites:

  • Priority One – Tauranga and the Western Bay of Plenty economic development organisation

Case Studies:

Farmer Autovillage
Peter unashamedly calls Tauranga a ‘slice of paradise’ and shares why there is no better place in the Pacific that he would live. Peter Farmer talks passionately about attracting new businesses to Tauranga.
Stainless DownUnder
Andrew Lilly attributes much of his business success to the ability to physically grow his business into neighbouring commercial property and the availability of commercial land at affordable prices.
PowerSmart Solar
Mike Bassett-Smith explains how Tauranga ticked all the boxes. It provided them with a cost effective business solution and the opportunity to combine business and lifestyle in an environment that they are all passionate about.
Seatrade New Zealand
Michael Evans talks about the benefits of relocating his business to Tauranga and strengthening relationships with key customers and business partners.
Multifid Technology
In this video James talks about how his search for a business destination led him to Tauranga and why this location is perfect for his business, now and in the future.
Titanium Industry Development Association Inc (TiDA)
Warwick Downing discusses how TiDA facilitates innovative industries to harness their full potential through high-tech, specialised manufacturing processes and puts Tauranga at the centre of an active industry hub.
FSP Group
Steve Hewitt, CEO of FSP Group, talks about the factors that make Tauranga such a desirable location for the business including proximity to the port and access to a multiskilled labour force.