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Research and development potential

Tauranga businesses are known for innovation and there are plenty of research and development opportunities in the region.

The University of Waikato is one of New Zealand's major research organisations and its Research Hub is a one-stop shop for R&D. The University is particularly strong in the sciences field, as well as management, computing and mathematical sciences and education. 

The concentration of agricultural and food based businesses lends itself to research into these areas, and Plant & Food Research has a base in the region. The organisation has recently joined with The University of Auckland to create the Joint Graduate School in Plant and Food Science. The school gives postgraduate students the opportunity to undertake masters or PhD research of direct relevance to the New Zealand primary production and food industries.

In the metal and manufacturing industries, TiDA (Titanium Industry Development Association) is at the leading edge of titanium based products using powder metallurgy consolidation processes.

The Bay of Plenty Clinical School administers undergraduate student placements and clinical training for the Bay of Plenty District Health Board which provides primary and secondary healthcare services to over 200,000 people in the Eastern and Western Bay of Plenty. The school also has a Clinical Trials Unit that provides resources and support for clinical trials and research projects.

These, and research opportunities with Massey University, the Ministry for Science and Innovation and other research bodies, equal competitive growth for your business.