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Moce to Tauranga - Tauranga Business Case

Move to Tauranga

Tauranga is a great place to work and play. Many people move here for the active recreational lifestyle that this vibrant coastal city offers. Living here offers the benefits of a major city with beaches, cafés, restaurants and a range of sports and entertainment choices. At the same time, it has a relaxed feel – the daily commute just takes minutes, which means you can enjoy more time with friends and family or go for a surf after work.

The city centre offers a vibrant mix of residential areas, commercial and retail precincts, and cultural facilities. The business vibe throughout the week is replaced with a relaxed atmosphere on the weekend - there are markets and galleries to stroll through, families relax with the kids after saturday morning sport with fish and chips at the waterfront, and friends catch up at any of the cafes, wine bars and restaurants.

Outside of Tauranga city, there are a number of places to live and each town has its own unique character and feel. You could live in the mural town of Katikati with its arty feel, be near to the top fishing spot of Omokoroa or settle in the Te Puna countryside. Homes are competitively priced compared to the main metropolitan centres across New Zealand.

The population in Tauranga is booming and there are many work opportunities for skilled professionals looking to settle and build their careers. Many high-value, innovative, export focused businesses are based in the sub-region and they want to invest in staff. For those looking to start a business in Tauranga or expand their existing operations, there are significant competitive advantages to being based in the area, and Priority One can provide more information.

People who live in Tauranga love the community spirit. They come together to play sports, enjoy the beaches and water-based activities, attend festivals and concerts, dine at the many cafés and restaurants, attend church and be part of community groups.

For families, Tauranga offers high quality education across all levels. There are 67 schools offering a range of educational experiences to suit the individual child, no matter where you live – state, state-integrated, independent, and a recently opened Te Kura Kaupapa Māori school. Because Tauranga is such a sought after place to live, it attracts teaching staff of a high calibre.

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Useful websites:

  • Priority One – building a vibrant economy that retains and attracts talented, skilled and creative people and the businesses that need them to Tauranga and the Western Bay of Plenty
  • Education Tauranga - a comprehensive information site for international students and parents investigating primary, secondary and tertiary studies in New Zealand

Case Studies:

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Peter unashamedly calls Tauranga a ‘slice of paradise’ and shares why there is no better place in the Pacific that he would live. Peter Farmer talks passionately about attracting new businesses to Tauranga.
Stainless DownUnder
Andrew Lilly attributes much of his business success to the ability to physically grow his business into neighbouring commercial property and the availability of commercial land at affordable prices.
PowerSmart Solar
Mike Bassett-Smith explains how Tauranga ticked all the boxes. It provided them with a cost effective business solution and the opportunity to combine business and lifestyle in an environment that they are all passionate about.
Oasis Engineering
Andy Cameron, who bought Oasis in 2003, talks about his return to NZ, his move to Tauranga, business growth over the past 10 years and what the future holds for Oasis.
Ken Buckthought talks about the decision to grow the Bidvest business into Tauranga, the relocation of employees, local employment and future growth opportunities for businesses in the region.
North Island Mussels Ltd
Steve Wells explains the nature of their business, why they chose to relocate their mussel processing operations to Tauranga and how they have become such an integrated part of the Tauranga community.
Zespri International
Lain Jager explains why Tauranga is a great place to do business! - How Zespri’s move to Tauranga has strengthened business relationships and supported employee retention.
Seatrade New Zealand
Michael Evans talks about the benefits of relocating his business to Tauranga and strengthening relationships with key customers and business partners.
Multifid Technology
In this video James talks about how his search for a business destination led him to Tauranga and why this location is perfect for his business, now and in the future.
Brett Hewlett discusses how the Tauranga area resonates with Comvita’s values, makes exporting easy, and assists in attracting and retaining employees.
Titanium Industry Development Association Inc (TiDA)
Warwick Downing discusses how TiDA facilitates innovative industries to harness their full potential through high-tech, specialised manufacturing processes and puts Tauranga at the centre of an active industry hub.
The New Zealand Dessert Company
When The New Zealand Dessert Company was looking for somewhere to set up its manufacturing operations Kevin Cox, Director for Sales and Marketing, says they only had one place in mind - the Bay of Plenty.