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NZ Manufacturing - Tauranga Business Case


Innovative specialist manufacturing companies are focusing their attention on Tauranga and choosing to base their operations, and grow their businesses here.
Established companies in Tauranga produce products for both the domestic and international markets - from aluminium ducting and solar panels and systems through to buses and luxury coaches, dentistry tools and equipment, and automatic door and manual watertight and weathertight door closures in the high-end marine sector.
New manufacturing businesses are attracted by this well-established network of existing businesses, which are open to sharing their knowledge and developing mutually beneficial partnerships.
For companies with an import or export focus, the proximity of the port is a key business benefit, enabling products to be shipped quickly and efficiently. The strong rail and road infrastructure allows supplies and materials and finished products to move in and out easily.  
The area offers a mix of commercial, light and heavy industrial zoning, with premises available to suit diverse manufacturing needs.
Business owners find a steady supply of skilled labour in Tauranga. The Bay of Plenty Polytechnic recognises manufacturing as a strong and growing sector with training programmes designed to support local businesses and produce graduates with skills that are in high demand.