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BOP Logistics - Tauranga Business Case


Tauranga is located in the centre of the north island and is home to New Zealand’s largest port by volume, with an annual cargo throughput of more than 13 million tonnes.  The area is also dominated by thriving manufacturing and horticultural sectors, with a significant export focus. This makes it a centre for transportation, distribution and logistics.

Along with Auckland and Hamilton, Tauranga is located within New Zealand’s ‘golden triangle’, which is responsible for around 65 per cent of the country’s freight movements. Daily tonnes of freight move in and out of Tauranga, and a relatively high proportion of people are employed in the transportation and logistics sector.

Strong growth is projected in this area over the next 20 years, when it will comprise over half of New Zealand’s total economic activity and 53 per cent of its population.

The local ICT cluster has developed leading edge distribution and logistics software to support the sector and it continues to develop innovative initiatives.

Another advantage for the region as New Zealand’s distribution and logistics hub is Smart Transport Corridors, which has been specifically designed to facilitate the smooth movement of traffic to and from the port, both within the region and between the region and other major centres.

Discussions are being undertaken with key employers in the distribution, storage and logistics sector on the feasibility of an integrated logistics park and there is strong interest in the concept.