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NZ Export Products - Tauranga Business Case

Export Your Products

Tauranga is home to New Zealand’s largest port by volume with an annual cargo throughput of more than 13 million tonnes. It’s also the most efficient port in Australasia, so it makes sense for your exporting business to be based where the port is. Whether your customers are in Australia, Asia or further afield, it’s easy to reach them. Plus, the port is expanding capacity and maximising productivity so its well on its way to being New Zealand's Port for the Future.

Being close to the port saves your business time and money. And when your focus is on exporting, it’s great to be able to build a close working relationship with the port, face-to-face. Your business wins.

As well as the port, Tauranga’s good rail, road and air infrastructure make it easy to bring goods in and out. Smart Transport Corridors have been specifically designed to facilitate the smooth movement of traffic to and from the port, both within the sub-region and between the sub-region and other major centres.

The logistics sector is a key industry for Tauranga, with a high number of people with the skills and expertise to transport, distribute and manage the movement of freight. The local ICT Cluster has developed leading edge distribution and logistics software to support the sector and it continues to develop innovative initiatives. And on the back of projected trade and business growth, the public and private sectors are working together under the Bay of Plenty Freight Logistics Strategy to develop and implement logistics solutions that will position Tauranga as a world leader in supply chain management and global logistics.

Tauranga is already home to many high-value, innovative, export businesses and setting your business up alongside them has clear advantages. Accessible business networks are invaluable to your company as you look to expand into new export markets – wherever you want to take your business, someone in Tauranga has already done it and can share their experience.

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Case Studies:

Heilala Vanilla
The process of establishing Heilala Vanilla in Tauranga was made easy by connection with other food based businesses. Jennifer Boggiss explains they wouldn’t have achieved the business success that they have had, in the timeframe, if they were based anywhere else.
Stainless DownUnder
Andrew Lilly attributes much of his business success to the ability to physically grow his business into neighbouring commercial property and the availability of commercial land at affordable prices.
North Island Mussels Ltd
Steve Wells explains the nature of their business, why they chose to relocate their mussel processing operations to Tauranga and how they have become such an integrated part of the Tauranga community.
Zespri International
Lain Jager explains why Tauranga is a great place to do business! - How Zespri’s move to Tauranga has strengthened business relationships and supported employee retention.
Seatrade New Zealand
Michael Evans talks about the benefits of relocating his business to Tauranga and strengthening relationships with key customers and business partners.
Brett Hewlett discusses how the Tauranga area resonates with Comvita’s values, makes exporting easy, and assists in attracting and retaining employees.
Addiction Pet Foods
Jerel Kwek articulates his excitement about the continued investment in the Addiction Pet Food plant in Tauranga; the people, the products and the processes.
FSP Group
Steve Hewitt, CEO of FSP Group, talks about the factors that make Tauranga such a desirable location for the business including proximity to the port and access to a multiskilled labour force.