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Case Studies

The New Zealand Dessert Company

The New Zealand Dessert Company is a production facility specialising in manufacturing frozen desserts for the retail market. When the company was looking for somewhere to set up its manufacturing operations Kevin Cox, Director for Sales and Marketing, says they only had one place in mind - the Bay of Plenty.

The region offered the New Zealand Dessert Company great opportunities for recruitment, and the wealth of people with specialist skills and knowledge made it easy to find the right people for the job and get the company off the ground quickly. Priority One was able to put the team in touch with expert individuals from technologists, to raw materials suppliers to specific manufacturers for key equipment.

Most of the raw materials needed by the company are readily available locally, and the good infrastructure in the region makes it simple to get ingredients to the manufacturing plant.

Currently the New Zealand Dessert Company produces products for the domestic market, but the company has plans for export. It's machinery is geared to expand the business and deliver in excess of 9 million units per year. The close location of the port provides a competitive advantage when it comes time to move into new markets.