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Case Studies

FSP Group

FSP Group is an Australian company that manufactures and exports rotational moulded plastic lockers, cabinets, safety equipment, mining equipment and marine products. When the company wanted to expand its global footprint it developed comparative business cases for establishing a manufacturing plant in Indonesia, Thailand and New Zealand. Competitive manufacturing costs, accessibility and frequency of import and export services and the availability of skilled labour made New Zealand the most attractive location of the three. Close proximity to a major port was an important aspect in the senior management team's decision making, and they settled on Tauranga as the new site for their business.

Priority One supported FSP Group in setting up in Tauranga, connecting the company with the services, business people and skilled employees needed to get it up and running quickly.

Steve Hewitt, CEO of FSP Group, talks about the factors that make Tauranga such a desirable location for the business including proximity to the port and access to a multiskilled labour force.