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Case Studies

Addiction Pet Foods

International pet food manufacturer, Addiction Pet Foods, produces a range of award winning pet foods for cats and dogs using the highest quality ingredients. With the support of the Asia New Zealand Foundation, Priority One and the Singapore and New Zealand Embassies, Addiction Pet Foods invested in a Tauranga (Te Puke) manufacturing site and established a pilot plant to test their business model and business case for New Zealand operations. Their unique selling point is ‘Made in New Zealand ingredients and raw materials’ for the international market. Sourcing their products from across New Zealand, Addiction Pet Foods incorporates ingredients such as free-range venison, organic lamb, salmon and manuka honey. Recognising the strong reputation of Tauranga as a horticulture and food based business region, Addiction Pet Foods was able to draw on specialist expertise, employ trained operators and tap into industry networks. Following significant success of the NZ business operations, Addiction Pet Foods has upgraded the plant, increasing capacity and efficiency, to become the largest dried extruded pet food plant in NZ. They now produce a comprehensive range of canned food, dried food, treats and raw dehydrated pet food for export around the world and are set to market their products in New Zealand soon.

Jerel Kwek articulates his excitement about the continued investment in the Addiction Pet Food plant in Tauranga; the people, the products and the processes.