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Case Studies

Multifid Technology

James Graham operates a successful and growing custom electronics and software design and production business in Durban, South Africa.

A changing political and business environment in South Africa is forcing many young professionals to look abroad for work opportunities; so specialised electronic design engineers are hard to come by.

James took a creative approach to solving his resourcing challenges and came to New Zealand to set up Multifid Technology to grow the R&D facilities for the military communications and high-end industrial product design part of the company. Attracted by the high calibre electronic engineering graduates in New Zealand, James recognised that Tauranga offered an attractive lifestyle destination. James was driven by the need to create a stimulating working environment that would foster creativity and innovation. He knew that if his employees loved where they lived and worked, he would reduce staff turnover and ultimately the business would benefit.

He sees Tauranga at the cutting edge of a major business evolution and is excited to be a part of the new wave of innovative businesses.

In this video James talks about how his search for a business destination led him to Tauranga and why this location is perfect for his business, now and in the future.