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Case Studies

North Island Mussels Ltd

For North Island Mussels Limited, a just-in-time mussel processing operation, transportation logistics is imperative. Mussels have to be processed live and strict time requirements are enforced from the time they are harvested to when they are processed and exported.

In 2005, North Island Mussels Ltd (previously known as North Island Mussel Processors Ltd) chose to relocate their processing operations to Tauranga in order to be close to the Port of Tauranga. During the 8 to 10-month season, the Tauranga based processing plant receives up to 1.8 million mussels (100 tones) on a daily basis that are trucked from shareholder farms in the Coromandel. The mussels are processed and two 40-foot containers a day are shipped to export markets through the Port of Tauranga. The road networks from the Coromandel to Tauranga, and from the plant to the port are fast and efficient, which has provided North Island Mussels Ltd with significant cost savings.

Steve Wells explains the nature of their business, why they chose to relocate their mussel processing operations to Tauranga and how they have become such an integrated part of the Tauranga community.