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Case Studies

Oasis Engineering

Oasis Engineering established in 1983 by Tom Boyd and grew out a maintenance division of Oasis Soft Drinks in Gisborne, which was taken over by Coca Cola. After establishing the business in Tauranga, Tom demonstrated quality workmanship and a spirit of problem solving and innovation that remains a core part of the company culture today. He developed and supplied a tailor-made range of valves, check valves and couplings to be used in Caltex’s new compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel technology, at the start of the NZ CNG roll-out in 1984. When Oasis started in the CNG industry, only 300,000 vehicles in the world were fuelled by compressed natural gas. Now there are over 20 million. Oasis has carved a niche as a specialist valve and coupling manufacturer for the global CNG industry and leads the world for innovation, excellence and international standards. Oasis can proudly boast that of the 20 million vehicles powered by CNG, 1 in 5 are filled up with gas that has passed through an Oasis valve. With international markets opening up all the time, Oasis is poised for significant business growth. Oasis understands CNG applications better than anyone else and can bring new products to market much faster than any of their competitors. Their focus is on innovation, R&D, new technologies and high-tech processes.

Andy Cameron, who bought Oasis in 2003, talks about his return to NZ, his move to Tauranga, business growth over the past 10 years and what the future holds for Oasis.