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Case Studies

PowerSmart Solar

Mike Bassett-Smith along with a fellow director established PowerSmart Solar in 2007 in Pahia, Northland, New Zealand. By late 2008, after significant business growth and with plans to disrupt the electricity market as we know it today, they were feeling relatively removed from a formal business environment and isolated from supply chain, logistics and business support services. The directors looked to move to a more supportive and connected business region. They investigated New Zealand and off-shore locations, but in the end were committed to remaining a New Zealand based company. Focussing their search to North Island locations, they took into consideration residential and commercial property costs, business support services, business networks, employee career prospects, lifestyle factors, work life balance opportunities and access to resources and facilities.

Mike Bassett-Smith explains how Tauranga ticked all the boxes. It provided them with a cost effective business solution and the opportunity to combine business and lifestyle in an environment that they are all passionate about.