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Case Studies

Stainless DownUnder

Katikati is a small rural community on the northern outskirts of Tauranga, known as an innovation corridor. It is home to a number of highly innovative specialist manufacturers including two businesses owned and run by Andrew Lilly – Stainless DownUnder and Kiwi Closures.

With a client base almost exclusively off shore, Andrew could have established his businesses anywhere in New Zealand. He chose Katikati for lifestyle reasons and set up his manufacturing operations on a small piece of commercial land. It wasn’t too long before he had earned himself a strong reputation and was auctioning off his cattle to fund his company’s presence at a trade show in the US. Resulting business growth has seen his manufacturing operations expand four times with a growth rate of 100% per year.

He values the genuine people of the Katikati community for embracing businesses and the highly networked communities across Tauranga willing to support each other.

Andrew Lilly attributes much of his business success to the ability to physically grow his business into neighbouring commercial property and the availability of commercial land at affordable prices.