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Case Studies

Heilala Vanilla

Tauranga based Heilala Vanilla was established in 2002 by John Ross, his daughter Jennifer and her husband Garth Boggiss.

What started out as a Tongan aid project to provide employment for locals, after being gifted a piece of dormant land by the local village chief, has blossomed into a successful business producing one of the richest grades of vanilla in the Asia Pacific region.

Heilala Vanilla is sought after by Executive Chefs and foodies around the world and is coveted for its distinctive aroma, shine and plumpness. The annual vanilla crop is brought back from Tonga to the company’s base in Tauranga. Heilala Vanilla then manufactures the Pure Extract and Vanilla Paste, Syrup and Vanilla Bean Sugar and dispatches product around the globe.

The process of establishing Heilala Vanilla in Tauranga was made easy by connection with other food based businesses. Jennifer Boggiss explains they wouldn’t have achieved the business success that they have had, in the timeframe, if they were based anywhere else.